Brothers and Sisters facing the axe?

Brothers and Sisters actress Rachel Griffiths has joked about the future of the drama series at the recent Logie Awards in Australia, fuelling speculation it is set to be axed. Griffiths said:  “I’m soon to be unemployed so I checked in with Centrelink … and said, ‘Looks like I’m out of a job and wanna sign up.'”

Trump snubs Letterman

Donald Trump has cancelled an appearance on David Letterman’s show after the host called him a racist. Letterman said Trump’s recent attacks on President Obama have started to “smack of racism”.

Idol contestant proves popular

Eliminated American Idol finalist Pia Toscano has been paid a six figure sum to perform at a private party. Toscano will receive $100,000 to perform “a small handful of songs” at the birthday party on May 8.

Judge Judy renewed

Legal reality series Judge Judy will continue for at least another four years with news the series has been renewed through until 2015.

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