Nazi Hunters

9:45pm Sunday, May 8 on Prime

Documentary Series

Kurt Lischka

Arguably the most notorious Nazi fugitive of all, Dr. Joseph Mengele earned the nickname the ‘Angel of Death’ for his perverse and sadistic experiments at Auschwitz-Birkenau. After the war, Mengele escaped to Buenos Aires where he lived the high life on the run. That is, until 1959 when the West German government indicted Mengele for mass murder and demanded his extradition. At the same time, having just captured fellow SS officer Adolf Eichman, Israeli Mossad agents turned their sights on Mengele. With his carefree life now long-gone, the Nazi doctor went into hiding.

And although Mossad agents tracked him down outside Sao Paulo, their mission was shelved, and Mengele remained at large. By 1985, pressure from Holocaust survivors converged with political will, and German, Israeli and American law enforcement agents agreed to coordinate their efforts. The hunt for Mengele moved into high gear, and although investigators eventually found him in Brazil, they were too late. He had died six years earlier, but doubts linger as to whether the exhumed corpse really is the infamous Dr. Mengele.

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