7:30pm Sunday, May 29 on Prime


Afghanistan, Antarctica, Aquatic Creatures and Andersons

We’re back with the letter ‘A’ tonight as all new episodes of Qi continue. On the face of it, Qi (short for Quite Interesting) is a TV comedy panel game like any other. It has a chairman and four contestants, who are asked questions and get points for their answers. But there the resemblance ends. The questions are so difficult that the panellists almost never get one right. So the chairman only gives points for interesting answers, regardless of whether they are correct, or even relevant. The Chairman awards heavy penalties for wrong answers which are also ‘obvious’ – cliches, misconceptions and ‘common wisdom’ – much of which is taught every day in school but is in fact completely untrue! This week it’s all about ‘Afghanistan, Antarctica, Aquatic Creatures and Andersons’. Joining host Stephen Fry and sidekick Alan Davies in tonight’s episode are Bill Bailey, Meera Syal and Clive Anderson.

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