River Cottage: Every Day

7:30pm Tuesday, May 10 on Prime

Lifestyle Series


It’s Hugh’s belief that if making and baking your own homemade bread isn’t a part of your weekly kitchen repertoire it should be. Although people think it’s a difficult process that should only be left to the professionals, baking your own bread is actually is one of the simplest ways to improve your relationship with food. And to prove it Hugh hooks up with a bunch of young mums to help them form a baking circle, or ‘bake ‘n’ banter’ as they dub it. In tonight’s episode, we’ll discover how to make everything from simple white loaves to tangy sourdoughs and cheese and Guinness stuffed soda breads. There are also tips on how to turn your loaf leftovers into tasty treats, from an Italian bread salad to a three coursed breadcrumb dinner! And if that’s not enough, Hugh shows off his favourite summer sarnie, ‘Pam the Jam’ reveals the secrets of jam making so you can give your bread a tasty toping and Steve Lamb teaches you how to build your very own pizza oven in the back garden.

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