River Cottage: Every Day

7:30pm Tuesday, May 17 on Prime

Lifestyle Series


The stork has been busy at River Cottage this year, delivering new babies to Steve Lamb’s, Chef Tim Maddams’s and Hugh’s houses. To celebrate the guys decide to throw a tea party – after all, at River Cottage, they’re always looking for an excuse to indulge in some delicious, greedy treats – be they sweet or savoury. There are plenty of belly-filling, lip-smacking recipes in this show, with everything from Genoese Sponge cakes and lemon curd muffins to game pies and cheesy tarts on the menu. And foraging favourite John Wright is on hand to knock up a good old-fashioned home-brew – lashings of real Ginger Beer.

Hugh gets an emergency call from the venerable Bridport Tea Dance, the standard of the fox trot can’t be questioned but sadly the quality of the afternoon tea has slumped – can he make it worthy of the dancing once again? Later, Hugh joins an unlikely lads night out at a local Dorset pub, where the men get together in a competitive pudding league! While even his son Oscar gets in on the act with a vanilla and elderflower panna cotta, as Hugh shows that puddings are the key to get kids into the joys of cooking.

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