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At the ripe-old age of 23, Wellington-born Ari Boyland is already considered somewhat of a veteran actor, having worked in the industry since he was 10-years-old.

Boyland spent three years working on the cult hit series The Tribe, alongside fellow Shortland Street alumni’s Beth Allen (Brooke Freeman), Fleur Saville (Libby Jefferies) and Lee Donoghue (Hunter McKay). After The Tribe, Boyland quickly picked up roles in well-known productions Power Rangers, Revelations and Go Girls.

This week on Shortland Street viewers will get to see a darker side of Boyland’s character, Brodie Kemp, when he gets caught up on the wrong side of the law with bad boy Regan Ames (George Mason).

“I think at this stage, Brodie is desperate to get himself back on his feet and will do whatever it takes to get rid of his debts,” says Boyland. “I don’t think he has any real strong kinship with Regan, he’s just a means to an end to make some money.”

When Regan asks Brodie to help him in one of his dodgy deals, Brodie is reluctant. However when Regan offers to wipe his debt, Brodie agrees. When he finds out the help involves storing a large amount of drugs, Brodie becomes increasingly uncomfortable and is forced to make some difficult decisions.

Playing a character in such despair has been a challenge for Boyland, but one he has relished. “Brodie is a guy with a heart of gold but with terrible money issues. His life is spiralling out of control,” says the actor. “Playing his fall from grace has been quite an experience.”

With so much of his life spent acting Boyland can’t imagine another career choice, but there’s still a whole lot the 23-year-old wants to achieve.

“I’d love to get the chance to do feature films,” says Boyland. “The idea of getting to tell a story from start to finish is what I would really like to do – it’s also part of the reason I enjoy theatre so much, it gives more of an opportunity to tell a complete story without interruption.”

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