The Great British Bake-off on Prime

7:30pm Tuesday, May 31 on Prime


If you suffer from a sweet tooth and do more to encourage it than diminish it, this new series is sure to further feed your desire for sugary, mouthwatering baked goods. Hosted by Sue Perkins and Mel Giedrovc, The Great British Bake-Off sees ten passionate home bakers take part in a bake-off to test every aspect of their skills as they battle to be crowned the Great British Bake-Off’s best amateur baker. These brave chefs are challenged to take on some of the most terrifying tasks of the kitchen, from souffles to choux pastry, after which the least successful leaves the kitchen for good. Each week the nationwide tour sees keen bakers put through three challenges in a particular discipline.

We kick off the competition with cake in the Cotswolds, then move to Scotland to tackle biscuit baking, then Sandwich in Kent for bread, Bakewell in Derbyshire for puddings, Mousehole in Cornwall for the pastry challenges, and London for the grand final. While the personal satisfaction of completing a delicious treat will be high on their agenda, their main objective will be undoubtedly to impress the judges; renowned baking writer Mary Berry, and professional baker Paul Hollywood. Alongside Sue and Mel the team will trace the very particular history of British baking by visiting local baking landmarks and discovering why people bake what they bake today. Get ready to experience the tears and tension as these ten amateurs are pushed to the limit as they endeavour to impress the judges with their originality and skill, to ultimately survive and bake another day.

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