TVNZ apologises for 60 Minutes ratings blunder

Following on from the original TVNZ press release, our awarding them for bad stats of the week and TV3 disputing TVNZ’s numbers, TVNZ has now apologised for their “oversight”.

MediaWorks has drawn to our attention this morning that our figure for 60 Minutes for April was incorrect.

I understand we accidentally included the Saturday morning replays of 60 Minutes into our calculations which brought the average down considerably.  We apologise for this oversight.

The correct figure should have been 256,500 as MediaWorks has pointed out.

So the accurate comparison should have been:

Sunday          594,590
60 Minutes    256,500

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  • Denis

    Not much of an oplogy!

  • Denis

    Opps, I should have spell checked that first <grrr>

  • hjb

    Sunday is still rating twice as much as 60 Minutes, so it doesn’t make much of a difference!

  • reece_555

    I see tonight that after being made redundant by TV3 last year, Amanda Millar is now on sunday was it her first story tonight?

  • Johnston

    Bloody good journalist.  Sunday’s gain, 60 Minutes’ loss.