Ali Mau and Marc Ellis team up for temporary radio role

MORE FM’s Auckland listeners will wake up to a new pair of voices next Monday, when broadcasters Ali Mau and Marc Ellis start a week-long stint as breakfast guest DJs.

Ali and Marc will be in the studio from Monday 27 June, while popular hosts Jeremy Corbett, Joe Cotton and Peter Dakin take a well deserved holiday.

“The Morning Fix team is taking a break, but listeners don’t need to worry, we’ve got a great pair of house-sitters in while we’re away,” says Corbett.

“I have full confidence that Ali will remember to water the plants, and Marc has promised not to hold any Facebook parties.”

“This is an honour,” says Ali Mau. “The Morning Fix is a great show and I will be doing my level best to keep Marc in line – not so sure about the plants’ chances though…”

Catch Marc and Ali on the MORE FM Auckland Morning Fill-In from Monday 27 June – Friday 1 July, on 91.8FM or online at

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  • reece_555

    Interesting move and surely behind the scenes there are questions as to why management have brought in 2 higher profile personalities for a guest stint. Maybe they are testing the waters although wasnt Ali uninterested with an early working time?

  • Ant

    Hmmm.. It’s amazing that tvnz personalities are on a mediaworks radio station.

  • reece_555

    TVNZ’s probably a bit more loose around letting them on Mediaworks radio, and its only for a week at this stage. Marcus Lush and Martin Devlin are examples of TVNZ personalities who work for mediaworks radio.