Big premieres on TV3

7:30pm – Thursday, June 9 on TV 3

Premiering on Thursday, June 9 th at 7:30pm on 3, Big seeks to improve the lives of six clinically obese and overweight people who have lost the confidence of their former selves. Hosted by Deborah Hutton, and featuring fitness trainer Lee Campbell, Big offers “no contests, no prize money, and no hiding from the temptations of everyday life.” “Big gives six morbidly obese people a second-chance at life,” explain series producers in a statement. “From day one, a weight-loss expert and trainer will take over their lives and stay with them for 12 months, 24/7.” “There will be no escape or backing out in the mission to turn around the lives of these people and their families forever.”

In this radical approach, Campbell will take over each home and turn it into a total weight-loss environment – “the home becomes a laboratory that facilitates weight loss.” From a self-imposed prison to an inspiring, light and hope-filled world, their homes will now be sanctuaries where their dreams of weight-loss can be realised.

Each episode will see Campbell move in with a 130 – 180kg individual desperately in need of help. Over the course of the episode, the ten month journey will be revealed step by incredible step. This epic transformation not only will totally reshape the physical appearance of the person but will also completely alter their inner perceptions, their relationships and most importantly, their entire outlook on life.

Make sure not to miss the beginning of this incredible journey when Big premieres on Thursday, June 9 th at 7:30pm on 3.

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