Flog It

LIVING CHANNEL – Weekdays from Monday 13 June, 5pm

It’s amazing what treasures can be found in the average British home. Flog It is a travelling roadshow around the UK where members of the public are invited to bring their antiques, heirlooms and collectibles for valuation by a team of experts. Presenter Paul Martin then gives them the option to sell at a local auction. Will they part with their antiques – especially tough if they have sentimental value? And will the items reach, or even exceed, their estimated value? The personal stories, the fascinating history of each object and the tension in the auction house make this series compulsive viewing. All sorts of things come under the Flog It hammer, and this series includes 32 railway advertising posters from the golden age of steam, a 19th-century mahogany cheese coaster, Lalique glassware and a collection of Dinky toy cars.

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