Killing Time on Prime

9:35pm Tuesday, June 14 on Prime

Drama Series

Having been caught red handed using and giving advice on an importation of cocaine, Fraser believes he will receive no more than a six month suspended sentence. The judge however hits Fraser with the full force of the law and he is sentenced to seven years in maximum security. After three years in jail and a failed appeal, a desperate Fraser begins to truly realise that he will be locked away rotting for at least two more years. Then in a moment everything changes as a result of information told to Fraser by a fellow inmate and multiple murderer Peter Dupas. Fraser becomes involved in an investigation by police into and unsolved murder, one Dupas is suspected of committing. Fraser agrees secretly with police to give evidence against Dupas, but becoming a police witness is incredibly dangerous.

Following Fraser’s eventual release after nearly serving his full five year term, he struggles to adjust to freedom, and the reality that he might have lost his wife and children forever. There is also the very real threat that there are people who will stop at nothing to prevent Fraser from testifying.

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About the author

  • pete robertson

    Killing Time is the best thing on TV at the moment. Was it the final on 14th June, or is there more still to come?