NZ's oldest working TV set found

New Zealand’s oldest working television has been discovered on the West Coast.

The 53-year-old set was named the winner of the Going Digital Oldest Telly competition on TV One’s Breakfast programme this morning.

The kitset TV belongs to 92-year-old Elva Reynolds from Hokitika who claims that her husband would have been honoured by the win, as he was the one who assembled it.

The set was assembled in the same year as Sir Edmund Hillary reached the South Pole and the 111 emergency number was introduced to NZ.

Reynold’s TV was one of the first on the West Coast and received a signal from across the Tasman before transmission arrived on the West Coast of NZ.

Source: Herald

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  • Bogues

    Typo. The emergency number is 111, not 11. Or was it 11 in the old days?