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9:30pm Wednesday, June 1 on TV One

Real crimes are recreated by investigative journalist Bryan Bruce in the new series of TV ONE’s The Investigator.

An award-winning author and documentary maker, Bryan Bruce conducts in-depth investigations into unsolved or unexplained New Zealand crimes. Often taking years to investigate, each case examines issues pertaining to the justice system which affect us all. From the police inquiry through to sentencing, Bruce looks at the judicial process and reveals the ethics and agendas, as highlighted by particular cases.

Meticulously re-examining each crime, he highlights the often embarrassing, sometimes tragic, and occasionally deadly reasons cases remain puzzling or unsolved.

In this new series, Bruce promises fresh evidence and new questions arising from five more high profile New Zealand murder cases- including the brutal murder of Janelle Patton on Norfolk Island in 2002, by New Zealander Glen McNeill. A case which was tragically significant as it was the first murder in the island’s 150-year history.

Bryan Bruce says the new investigations are stronger than any he’s done before.

A lot of that is due to approaches from the public with information and details of crimes that they haven’t previously told the police.

“For example, several of the protagonists in the new series contacted me and asked me to take a look at their individual cases. What I found in some instances was extraordinary and disturbing.”

Episode one asks the question: Who Killed Janelle Patton?

On Easter Sunday 2002, New Zealand chef Glen McNeill is said to have murdered 29-year old Janelle Patton in the boot of his car, on Norfolk Island.

When he was arrested four years later, McNeill said he had killed Janelle by accident. But he later told the court he had made a false confession. In prison since then, he’s contacted Bryan and says he’s prepared to name others involved in the murder.

Missed an episode of The Investigator? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click the ‘Ondemand’ button.

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