The Investigator on One

9:30pm Wednesday, June 8 on TV One

Following the huge success of his highly acclaimed one-off documentary investigation into the case against Robin Bain, award-winning director and investigative journalist, Bryan Bruce continues his intriguing series The Investigator.

Why do a third series?

” Before I agreed to do a series three, I wanted to be sure the cases would be at least as strong as in season two”, says Bruce. ” The Investigator has been very popular and I didn’t want to do another season if it was just going to muddle along. I’d rather we finished on a high than a low.

“It was only when it became apparent the programmes for season three would be even stronger than series two I decided to make it happen.

“The show is very demanding on me. I read every document, make every phone call to potential witnesses, argue every Official Information Act application. But the show would not be as credible as it is if I did not do the hard yards.”

Tonight, Bryan Bruce takes a fresh look at the conviction of Darfield man, Timothy Taylor, serving a life sentence for the murder of young sex worker Lisa Blakie. In February 2000, Lisa was murdered while hitchhiking from Christchurch to the West Coast. Her body was found in Canterbury’s Porter River. Taylor was accused by the Crown of her killing, and the trial jury agreed. In this episode, Bruce puts the prosecution’s theories to the test and draws his own controversial conclusions.

Missed an episode of The Investigator ? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click the ‘Ondemand’ button.

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