TV One claims dominance in news ratings during May

Independent data detailing what news and current affairs programmes people chose to watch in May shows TV ONE won in every category and each programme significantly outrated its counterpart from TV3 or MTS.

The main game is in prime time and that’s where TV ONE had the biggest leads.  ONE News had an average of 700-thousand viewers a night in May; 3 News’ average audience was half that size with only 370-thousand watching per night.

Not only did ONE News have almost double the audience of 3 News but Close Up’s audience was double that of Campbell Live’s and Sunday’s was almost double that of 60 Minutes. 

ONE News at Midday had five times as many viewers as 3 News at 12.  Q+A’s audience was four times the size of The Nation’s.  Marae Investigates had three times as many viewers as Native Affairs.  Te Karere 4:30pm bulletin had an average audience 11 times the size of MTS’ prime time show Te Kaea.

Fair Go picked up on average an extra 75,000 viewers per episode in May (from April) and maintained a substantial lead over Target.  Tonight beat Nightline by an average of 50,000 viewers per night.

Breakfast’s average audience was almost four times the size of Firstline. 

On average 439,700 people tuned into Breakfast each morning over the last four weeks (reach/cume) and they watched for an average of 45 minutes per morning. 

“Average viewing time of 45 minutes in the morning is a really great result,” said TVNZ Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery.

“That’s a very long time to be engaged with television in the morning and about the same amount of time people spend listening to radio including commuting time each morning.

“It tells me that Breakfast viewers are enjoying the broad mix of content they’re getting.

“The Breakfast team continues to be very focused on delivering what the viewers want – it continues to be a very popular and successful show.”

In contrast Firstline had less than 200-thousand tuning in across the morning (178,000 reach/cume) and their viewers watched on average for 29 minutes.


*Please note on the graph above the “average number of viewers tuning in each day” is a reach or cume audience figure.

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About the author

  • Pault

    thats a pretty good result for tv3s firstline after just 3 months!!

  • Bit daft of 3 to go head to head with Sunday – insane decision and they are paying for it

  • KS

    Well done to TVONE, they are def a superior news source.

  • Darryl

    Television NZ, are full of there own self importance. TVNZ channel one, is nothing like it use to be that is for sure. The Breakfast Program with Petra Bagust is unwatchable. She would have to be the worst Presenter I have ever seen. Watched Breakfast while she was away, and Wendy Petrie and Toni Street were great. TVNZ do not listen to there audience, and the majority do not watch Breakfast for more than five minutes for the news. Firstline is a far better News program. As long as Ms Bagust is on Breakfast we will never watch that show, it is despicable.

  • Benjamin Paul

    Alright Darryl.

    Anyway…TVOne have a right to be happy with this, although they should be aware (in comparison with earlier in the year) that TV3 is creeping up on those ratings.

    Is this any different to the ratings the same time last year or does TV3 usually creep up in the winter?