3 News Graphics

Looks Like TV3 have revamped the 3 News’ Graphics Package. What do you guys think of the change? 3 news1

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  • casualviewer

    the new graphics, revamped music and constant channel bug sux.

  • wohucanglong

    Very Sky News UK, especially with the new background of a “busy” newsroom. Comic sans though for titles? Not very authoritative.

  • nzbuzzy

    the graphics and jingle are smooth … it’s not comic sans either

  • wohucanglong

    Ok, the font isn’t comic sans, but a close relative of comic sans. The point is still significant and that is the font being used is not authorative and I struggle to see it being used in a news program. Any other time, but not for news thanks.

  • Ant

    I like the new graphics – I just don’t think there that original but they look good for 3 news anyway. It kinda reminds me of the graphics australian’s use for there news bulletins.

  • lucci

    I like the background a lot. The “3 News” title there is a bit plain but not too bad. I guess you’ve got to keep titles & texts simple so as not to overcrowd the look, or confuse people. So overall, it’s definitely better.