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Lost “deleted” scene released at Comic Con

Lost creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse unveiled a so-called “deleted” scene from the series at their Comic Con 2011 panel ‘Totally Lost: One Year Later’ this week. The clip was said to prove that the series was planned all along but in reality it was shot just a few weeks ago as a special treat for Comic Con attendees.

Goodman signs on for Community

John Goodman has signed on to appear in the third season of Community. The Big Lebowski actor will play the vice dean of the school of air conditioning repair on the comedy series.

Kerr lands TV role

Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr has signed on for a role in the Project Runway All-Stars reality series. The role is said to be a springboard or her to break into film acting.

Series regular cast on House

Actress Odette Annable has landed a series regular role on House as a doctor at a prison. Annable has previously appeared in the likes of Brothers & Sisters and the J.J. Abrams film Cloverfield.

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