Recruits on Prime

8:05pm Wednesday, July 13 on Prime

Reality Series

After graduating from Police College, we catch up with recruits featured in Series One. Since we last met them they’ve experienced the brutal reality of a year on the job. Every day is unpredictable and every decision vital. When thieves rob a local liquor store in Port Macquarie, Mick spots their car and sets off on his first high speed car chase. Mick’s classmate Vikki is sent to arrest a woman who has breached an AVO order. In the angry commotion that ensues Vikki makes an alarming discovery. Meanwhile in Goulburn, another three hundred fresh faces turn up to Police College hoping to make the grade: Kyle’s spent the last 6 years working in a surf shop. Then there’s Mitch, a builder who hasn’t touched any books for a decade. Frankie, at 19, is hoping he’s got enough life experience to get him through the 8 month course. The students line up for their first big test, the dreaded perimeter run. The hard-nosed college protocol officers, Sergeant Elm and Inspector Varley, watch their every move.

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