Shortland Street hits the ratings jackpot with last night's record audience

Shortland Street’s extended winter season concluded last night with 834,200 Kiwis aged 5 + watching, setting a new ratings record for the 2011 episodes.

TV2 easily out-rated all other channels to win its time zone with the feature-length drama.

In the channel’s target demographic of 18-39 year olds, the programme had a stunning 54-percent share. That means Shortland Street’s average audience was nearly a quarter of all 18- 39 year olds in New Zealand last night.

Head of TV ONE and TV2, Jeff Latch says that Shortland Street continues to be Kiwis’ most watched drama, week after week.

“Shortland Street is the number one drama on television. Audiences can’t get enough right now.”

Producer Steven Zanoski says the results are due to a dedicated team effort.

“Thanks are owed to all the cast and crew here at Shortland Street for continuing to dedicate their hearts and souls to making this drama a success.”

Adding to that success is Amanda Billings’ record-breaking cover version of ‘Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’tve?)’ which features in the Shortland Street Winter Season promotion. Amanda’s song was the highest debuting Kiwi artist song in the first week of its release earlier this year.

Jeff Latch says, “This is an incredible result given that the song had limited airplay on radio and only featured on the Shortland Street Winter Season promotion. Proof again of the power of quality television drama”

Source: Nielsen TAM (Measurement: All people 5 years and over average daily audience nationwide. All people 18-39 – average daily audience nationwide and share percent.)

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About the author

  • reece_555

    As much of a fan of Shortland Street that I am, I wish TVNZ & SPP wouldnt delude themselves into thinking its a drama especially using the term “quality”. Its a nightly soap opera nothing more nothing less.

  • David Finch

    But can’t a “nightly soap opera” also be “quality” and deliver genuine “drama” at least some of the time?  I’m not saying Shortland Street always hits those marks but they should be encouraged to try (probably a bit harder than they do at the moment).

  • Aaron00

    800,000 Kiwi’s tuned into watch Shortland street- Yeah right lol TVNZ wishes. I didn’t even have the TV on!

  • Preston

    Aaron, the numbers provided are from Nielsen, not TVNZ and thus are independently measured and not biased, it’s about as accurate as you are going to get with the fickle nature of measuring TV ratings.

    You didn’t have the TV on? Well la dee da, good for you dear, lots of others obviously did.