TV One's Nothing Trivial

Last night, smash hit Nothing Trivial set a new millennium record
for a New Zealand drama debut on television, with an average 516,300
viewers watching the first episode.

Not since 2000 has a locally-made TV drama rated so spectacularly on its first outing.

As well as being the big winner amongst all New Zealanders 5 +, last night Nothing Trivial
was the first choice for viewers in TV ONE’s target demographic of 25-
54 year olds with its 247,100 viewers, out-rating all other channels.

Head of TV ONE and TV2, Jeff Latch, says that the stunning results prove
that TVNZ is on the right track in commissioning more Kiwi-made dramas.

“TV ONE and TV2 are the homes to New Zealand’s best local shows. We have a proven track record with Shortland Street and Go Girls, and now Nothing Trivial
can sit alongside these ratings winners. We are committed to supporting
the local industry and will endeavour to continue to find the most
entertaining dramas, documentaries and reality shows so that Kiwis can
keep enjoying seeing themselves on our screens.”

TVNZ Drama Commissioner Kathleen Anderson, says Nothing Trivial is an endearing insight into the lives of five everyday New Zealanders.

“The success of Nothing Trivial is due to the characters written
by the award-winning writers, Rachael Lang and Gavin Strawhan. We can
see someone we know in each of the cast and we feel attached to them
instantly. The show’s success is also thanks to the support from NZ On
Air, which contributed $6.9 million to this series, and the talented
team at South Pacific Pictures.”

Source: Nielsen TAM (Measurement: All people 5 years and over – average
daily audience nationwide. All people 25-54 – average daily audience
nationwide and share percent )

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About the author

  • Benjamin Paul

    Glad to see the graduates of Shortland Street doing well! But really, that is good news to see NZ shows doing well.

  • aaronimpact

    I forgot to watch it.

  • Rusty Viewer

    Recorded it and started watching it. Looked tedious, seen it all before. Wiped it without finishing. Boring!

  • TonyB

    I really enjoyed it.

  • Nat

    Watched it but didn’t really enjoy it. I found the characters and storylines a bit boring and am not really a fan of the pub quiz format.  I’m only 20 though so probably at least 15 years out of its target market.  Good to see  a kiwi show doing well though.

  • Lovedit

    Brilliant show, well done.

  • dantoujours

    I didn’t think I was going to like it, but as we got to know the character’s backstories it really started to grow on me. Looking forward to the next episode. Hope they can sustain it.

  • aaronimpact

    Yeah nah, it’s boring.