Aussie Rules hits free-to-air television on Stratos and Triangle

As the race towards the legendary AFL Grand Final heats up, Kiwi sports fans will be able to watch the lead-up on free-to air television on Stratos Television and Triangle Television.

Under a special arrangement with Sky Television, the Australian Football League, and Australian Network both Triangle Television and Stratos Television will be screening an AFL match a week, culminating with the highlight of the season, the ‘2011 Toyota AFL Grand Final’, in prime time.

Stratos CEO, Jim Blackman, says even though it’s late in the season, he is delighted that the parties have come together to build the presence of the sport and make it more accessible to its growing fan base.

“There is an assumption that Aussie Rules is restricted to Victoria, but that’s not the case. There are professional leagues right across Australia and there’s growing interest in New Zealand, with some 18 clubs participating nationally.”

The impetus to screen Aussie Rules on Stratos and Triangle came from local fans and supporters who were keen to watch as much football as possible each weekend, and to see the game on free-to-air television

The Stratos and Triangle Television networks have already been screening “The Local Footy Show” – a round- up of state-wide Victorian matches for most of this season, and the addition of the premier matches is seen as a natural addition to the line-up.

With the exception of the Grand Final, the matches screened on Triangle and Stratos will be different to those screened on Sky Sport 3., giving fans the opportunity to see more matches in the critical lead up.

Matches will screen on Sunday night at 7:00 pm on Stratos and 8:30 pm on Triangle Television from September 3rd. Details of the games that are selected will be available on both the Triangle Television website ( and the Stratos website ( from Monday prior to broadcast each week.

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  • Bogues

    Just look at the ratings Seven and Ten pull in Sydney and Brisbane, and you’ll know that it is only a game followed in Vic, SA and WA.

  • reece_555

    But its also scheduled accordingly to each of the grouped states so usually important games will air in those states that follow it while others have an alternative show. Its the same for the NRL. Theres also the Footy Show for both codes so NRL for NSW/QLD and AFL for VIC, SA & WA airing at the same time.

  • smithy

    Load of crud the BS that NZ talk about like 18 clubs and 10,000 players nationwide. managment inflate figures by more than ten fold in player numbers to keep thier funding from AFL. maybe 18 clubs in totoal but most of them are struggling for numbers

  • Body

    RL is a game followed in 2 states, South Auckland, and a stretch of the M52 in Northern England, yet were subjected to hours and hours of dull thuggery at all fking times of the day and night…point?

  • Cheyno

    Mate, I can assure you most Auckland clubs are not struggling for numbers. More and more expat Aussies show up every week looking for a game as well as some keen Kiwi lads. Australian Rules here is booming and the kids who go along to KiwiKick sessions and play in the school games love it. It can only get bigger.