Global Radar premieres on One

7:00pm Sunday, August 7 on TV One

New to TV ONE, Global Radar offers an entertaining and informative opportunity to dig deeper into how our day-to-day actions, consumption and choices shape our world.

Comedian Te Radar has made sustainability accessible and, thanks to both his farm and � acre town tenure, he has shown us that modern life is filled with things that should not be taken at face value.

So in Global Radar, he is going on a global mission to look at what we are doing to make a difference to our planet, to see how our choices impact on our backyard and those further afield.

We are a small country at the bottom of the world but we are now all so globally connected that what we do, what we buy and consume can have far-reaching impacts. Global Radar aims to take a look at stuff we all use and give us all information and context to make more informed choices.

In each episode of the series, Te Radar goes on a journey into the issues around cars, fish, sustainable production, waste, pollution, power, water and what the future will look like.

Global Radar isn’t about lecturing people about turning off light switches and putting out the recycling – although there is no question these are good things to do. The series is about taking a look at what environmentally aware people are working on, be it big ideas or small steps, and encouraging more of us to follow their lead because it is time we all made more effort to know about the impacts of how we live and pitch in and lift our game.

Tonight in episode one, Te Radar discovers Plant and Food at Lincoln University, and Potatopak from Blenheim are developing car components for the world’s first F3 sustainable race team in Nottingham. He finds out about the project and pitches in, delivering new wing mirrors for the racecar, and gets behind the wheel, travelling at over 170 kilometres an hour, with nothing but flax between him and the tarmac.

Missed an episode of Global Radar? Full episodes are available on line. Go to and click ‘on demand’.

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