Marc Ellis added to The Crowd Goes Wild lineup for RWC

Prime’s award winning sports show The Crowd Goes Wild transforms into The Cup Goes Wild onto SKY’s channels for the duration of the Rugby World Cup.

Broadcasting from the Viaduct Harbour Events Centre in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter, hosts Mark Richardson and Andrew Mulligan are joined by former All Black and all round larriken Marc Ellis.

Your usual gang of roving reporters James McOnie and blonde bombshell Hayley Holt are joined by the familiar face of former Auckland Blues player James Somerset.

Broadcast weeknights, live on SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037), and playing on the BOX (channel 005), The Cup Goes WIld crew will continue to provide sporting news in their own unique and unpredictable style.

Marc Ellis is looking forward to the All Blacks reliving his memories of 1987, and upsetting another of Ric Salizzo’s TV shows.  

“There’s something to be said about Russia vs USA in New Plymouth – what better place to sort out global supremacy.”

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About the author

  • Kelly

    Why do we need this idiot.  The TCGW team do very well on their own and are very entertaining and funny.  Mark Ellis is just some “rich” idiot who gets too many breaks of television.  He has limited talent and reminds me of another ex-All black commentator who was found asleep at the wheel – incoherent.  Please spare us another grunt on our screens.

    How far does the bow get drawn when picking talent to front shows….not very far it seems, same ole same.  BORING!

  • sport_guy

    So TCGW won’t be broadcasting on Prime during the World Cup ? If so, that’s a great big bucket of fail.

  • reece_555

    If it isnt on Prime its probably to do with footage rights and that so much RWC footage wouldnt specifically be allowed to air on prime. Unless maybe a large premium is paid? but this wouldnt justify the numbers it gets.

  • Benjamin Paul

    Bit of tall poppy going on there eh Kelly? Calm down.

  • Kelly T

    @ Benjamin Paul – no not Tall Poppy syndrome.  Next minute you’ll start saying something about number 8 wire.  Bit Cliche aren’t ya.  The problem is there is more talent out there rather than sticking to the Ellis’ et al bunch a dim wits and quite frankly, he’s had his day, a looooong time ago. As I said BORING, been there done that. 

    Also, “Calm down”……why don’t you rev up a bit hey, stop being so complacent and predictably meat headdish.


  • richman

    I agree with Kelly, Ellis does not offer much at all. I prefer Mulligan and Richardson alone, half hour is not long enough to have Ellis saying things that only cloud what the others are talking about.