Prime Presents: Wild Coasts

8:45pm Sunday, August 14 on Prime

The Crowded Coast


A favourite on Prime’s Sunday night line-up is Wild Coasts, a fascinating and insightful exploration of New Zealand’s coasts with renowned photographer and conservationist Craig Potton. Throughout Wild Coasts, Craig spends time with people who live by and love New Zealand’s coasts, including scientists, sailors, swimmers, artists, iwi, boaties and bach owners. Craig examines the amazing biodiversity of our coastal world and investigates the threats to habitats; and the impressive efforts of New Zealanders to protect our coast and its natural treasures. In tonight’s episode, Craig travels from White Island in the Bay of Plenty to Parengarenga in the Far North, exploring the stretch of the beautiful East Coast in between, including Miranda, Auckland, Omaha and Poor Knights Island marine reserve.

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