Radio New Zealand looking at public service channel

Radio New Zealand is looking at plans to present televised versions of its content to act as a new public service television channel.

With TVNZ7 no longer receiving funding as of July 2012, the proposed RNZ channel would fill the void.

South Pacific Pictures is working with RNZ on the plan and chief executive John Barnett says the behind-the-scenes proposals had already received a positive reception from the RNZ board.

Details such as financing and securing transmission space on Freeview have yet to be worked out but Barnett believes RNZ TV could be produced for a lot less than the $15 million-plus a year spent on TVNZ digital channels in the past four years.

Source: Herald

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  • Ben

    Sounds great. It’d be good if they could cooperate with Australia’s ABC – they’ve now got a rolling news and current affairs channel that RNZ TV could simulcast for part of the day.

  • David Finch

    Someone talks about throwing us a few crumbs and we’re meant to be grateful. I’m sorry but this is pathetic and as someone else commented on Facebook it looks like ‘nest feathering’ by SPP. Why else would they be involved? We can’t expect either a big commercial production company or an underfunded state radio company to provide true public broadcasting television. It’s ludicrous that we should be even considering it.   Keep lobbying for the rentention/expansion of TVNZ7  (and the return of a publc service focus to TVNZ as a whole) and elect a government with the vision and guts to do something about it. The only way.