TV3 reschedules Underbelly NZ

TV3 has just issued this statement regarding the scheduling of the new crime series Underbelly NZ: Land of the Long Green Cloud:

Due to concerns about the scheduled date and time of Underbelly NZ: Land of the Long Green Cloud, TV3 has announced changes to the August schedules that also affect the launches of new series Rocked the Nation 3 – 100 NZ Sporting Moments and The Borgias.


– Rocked the Nation 3 – 100 NZ Sporting Moments will now premiere at 8.30pm, Wednesday 17 August.

– Underbelly NZ: Land of the Long Green Cloud will now premiere at 9.30pm, Wednesday 17 August.

– The Borgias, TV3’s new international drama series, which was to screen Wednesdays at 9.30pm from August 17th will screen at a later date.    

– On Wednesday 10 August, TV3 will screen Destroyed in Seconds at 7.30pm, Worst Animal Nightmares at 8pm and a comedy special will play at 8.30pm.


Director of Programming Kelly Martin says:

“It is disappointing to be making these changes so close to the original broadcast dates, but for a broad range of reasons we feel that this is the right decision.”

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About the author

  • openmedia

    So have they just pused Underbelly back a week, or have they pushed the show into a later time slot. Given the content of an Underbelly show I’d have expected at 9:30 slot anyway.

  • Mybeautifulstrange

    It was going head-to-head with Nothing Trivial. TV3 probably got cold feet when they saw how NT is rating. NZOnair will be happy – me too. 

  • aaronimpact

    It’s still going to clash against The Walking Dead.

  • reece_555

    Rocked The Nation 3 is gonna bomb but I think TV3 has realised that. But I cant also help but think that the  show was in planning for C4 and instead got scheduled on TV3 in an act of desperation?