Weekend Murders: Lewis on Prime

8:30pm Saturday, August 13 on Prime


Your Sudden Death Question

Inspector Robbie Lewis and his trusty side-kick DS Hathaway return for another gripping murder mystery. In tonight’s episode, Lewis and Hathaway are called to Chaucer College during the August bank holiday weekend when the body of Ethan Croft is found floating in the college fountain. Hobson reveals that the victim had been attending a quiz weekend on the college grounds hosted by quiz aficionado Marcus Richards (Q.I.’s Alan Davies stars as Marcus – see Q.I. Wednesday nights on Prime). Richards reveals that there are twelve competitors taking part in the weekend, all of whom are hoping to take home the grand prize of $5000.

Croft, a primary school teacher, had taken the lead on the first night of the quiz and had then spent the rest of the evening flirting boisterously in the college bar with two young female competitors – Eve Rigby and Robyn Strong. After questioning both women Lewis learns that Robyn Strong had attended school with Croft but he had failed to remember her, and that both women had been invited on a midnight tour of the college by the rather predatory Croft. However, both women deny accepting his invitation for a nightcap in his room. As the college is empty of students and all quizzers had planned to spend the weekend on the college grounds, Lewis tells the college porter Lester Garvey to keep the main gates locked. Lewis and Hathaway must now race to uncover the killer before the weekend is over and the quizzers are free to return home.

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