What Would You Do? premieres on One

8:00pm Wednesday, August 31 on TV One

Beginning tonight on TV ONE, What Would You Do? is a show about how a change of fortunes can change your life.

It’s a look at Kiwis who now, thanks to Lotto, have deep pockets!

NZ Lotteries has been in the business of giving money away for the past 33 years.

On 22nd July 1987, the first ticket went on sale in New Zealand and since the first draw on 1st August 1987 more than $3.75 billion has been paid out in Lotto prize money to 63.4 million winners. Thanks to the Commission, New Zealand has seen over 374 people win $1 million or more from Lotto alone. There have been 94 Powerball millionaires, and 13 Strike millionaires.

With the increased popularity of Lotto there is a new breed of millionaire throughout the country. And every winner’s got a story.

Each week, hosts Kevin Milne and Sonia Gray track them down – to discover just what they did with their win and how they coped.

Confiding in Kev and Sonia, the winners tell how they found out they had won, what their first reaction was, who they told, how they collected their winnings, and where all those winnings were spent.

Many have great stories to tell; others wish they had never won.

What Would You Do? It’s a good question!

Missed an episode of What Would You Do? Full episodes are available on line. Go to www.tvnz.co.nz and click ‘on demand’.

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