CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Sundays from 4 September, 6.30pm

Working for the UK’s “Smuggler Squad” is a high-octane, demanding job. This thrilling fly-on-the-wall series tracks the sea-going officers from ‘The UK Border Force’ and ‘City of London Fraud Squad’ as they try to stem the tide of illegal goods and people into the UK. Tasked with apprehending suspect craft, they patrol the country’s serpentine coast and numerous small islands in state-of-the-art power-boats, 24 hours a day. In their effort to smash crime rings, they frequently have to engage in high-speed chases. It’s a white-knuckle ride for officers and viewers alike.



CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Sundays from 4 September, 7.00pm

The Peacemaker is an explosive, provoking, half hour docu-reality series confronting, intervening and witnessing first-hand the violent world of American gangs. After a stint in prison, former gang member, Malik has devoted his life to bringing peace between feuding gangs in an attempt to put to end to the cycle of violence.

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