Real Life: Broken Promises Broken Brides on One

9:30pm Wednesday, September 7 on TV One

In ordinary neighbourhoods in New Zealand, a scandal is happening. Some women from Asian countries are being enticed into marriages in New Zealand which then turn violent and ugly, sometimes leading to death, misery and heartache.

Tonight’s local Real Crime documentary Broken Promises Broken Brides, hears the heartfelt pleas of activists and ordinary mums and dads in India who are asking why more isn’t being done to deal with these cases.

Investigative reporter Rob Harley was motivated to make his documentary after hearing about the case of a vibrant and happy woman who came to New Zealand looking for a brighter future, but the end result was a miserable death. The memories of that tragic end led Harley to investigate the treatment of Asian brides in New Zealand.

During the course of his investigation, Harley discovers that one Asian Women’s Rights groups is fielding up to 600 calls a month from young wives, who are being bashed, humiliated and in the words of one anguished Indian father, ‘tortured’ behind closed doors in Kiwi homes.

This documentary has required what Harley calls ‘enormous courage’ on the part of several women to speak out.

Missed Broken Promises Broken Brides – the full episode is available online. Go to and click the ‘Ondemand’ button.

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