Real Life: Who Killed Trent Keegan? on One

9:30pm Wednesday, September 21 on TV One

In tonight’s Real Life documentary maker Rob Harley investigates the death of Trent Keegan, an adventurous Kiwi freelance photographer, who was found murdered in a ditch in Nairobi, Kenya in May 2008.

Just before he died, Keegan had been on a photo assignment in northern Tanzania, covering a land dispute between a safari company and Masai tribes’ people.

The Kenyan police believed attack on Keegan didn’t look like a normal mugging as his laptop and camera were stolen when he was murdered, but the attackers left his bulging wallet and passport on his body.

Harley went inside the Kenyan prison and legal systems and gathered information which was then passed on to Nairobi police and New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Affairs have confirmed that the man the documentary team strongly believed had murdered Keegan has since been charged with offences relating to Keegan’s death.

Real Life: Who Killed Trent Keegan? ventures to the wild safari lands of East Africa and into one of the world’s toughest prisons, looking for clues into Keegan’s death.

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