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 ust ay id ike he ocumentary ast ednesday ight n rime, hat ead p o illing en oaden, nd iked he it t he nd hen hey aid omething ike “ f ou ill mericans, he overnment ill unt ou own nd ill ou”

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  • Preston

    Can we get this guy banned from posting on the site? It’s really not a good look letting morons like this write postings which appear on the front page.

  • regan

    I’ve already had words…

  • Huh?

    Either get a new TV or change the display mode.  The issue is not with Prime.

  • TV Tech

    Are you mental?

  • GoWriteMale

    what a wasted bonehead “Peston” is, have me banned just because I took off the first letter of each word (all most the same as what I see on THE ONLY TV STATION THAT DOES IT “PRIME”  I beat he is some dorkie that works for prime, say no more,

    I am sorry regan your club is so brain dead they can not handle joke, you are right I think I made my point, with the third posting. 

    Huh? you are wrong! the issue is with prime, My TV does not have overscan on the width Prime is the only station that shows this type of error   

    & finally  How amazing we get a comment from the trade I was in for about 30 years,  They taught me when I was in that trade they just do not know the meaning of “united” They would sell their own mother if they got a good deal for it.

    The fact is my TV is a old NZ made TV I would think that even the basic mental “TV Tech” could work that one out, so how do you fix a TV then? by banging it with a handle part of a screwdriver?

    Can’t Prime wait until the last analog TV station switch off before the play around with the text display for wide screen format, no other station does it, the other stations have better standards.

    ……….. anyway Reagan, I have said my last word on the issue I will not be back not even to reply to any more on this topic,    I will take a break and rethink if your club could handle any more of my “lets upgrade TV standards” comments.



  • someone

    WTF go write mail,  My old sony tv had the same problem on all channels not just Prime may I suggest you go and buy a new tv.