THS Snooki

E! – Wednesday 7 September, 9pm

Female mega-stars with one name are nothing new, but after Cher and Madonna, Snooki represents a whole new twist on the genre. The four-foot-nine inch fireball is combative, self-obsessed and doesn’t seem to possess any great talents but she’s managed to win the hearts of millions of fans. THS scratches its head to figure out this reality TV phenomenon with her own very distinctive brand of charm.

New Series


MTV – Wednesdays from 7 September, 9.30pm

Get ready to say “G.T.L” in Italian! MTV’s Jersey Shore cast goes to Florence, Italy for Season 4. This season will be hotter than ever when America’s favourite roommates head overseas to learn all about the culture they love and live by in the birthplace where it all began. As they navigate a new country, they will bring their trademark hilarity, fist-pumping and family dysfunction to “the beautiful country.”

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