30 Rock on FOUR

8:00pm – Monday, October 17 on FOUR

Guest starring Matt Damon, this week’s highly anticipated return of 30 Rock sees Jack (Alec Baldwin) interfering with Liz’s (Tina Fey) blooming romance with Carol (Damon) in an effort to help her finally win a man’s heart. 30 Rock premieres its fifth season on Monday, October 17 th at 8pm on FOUR. 30 Rock fans rooting for Liz Lemon and her former pilot boyfriend Carol should know that the fate of their relationship lies in the hands of one woman alone – Tina Fey.

“I love that show and I had a great time doing it so if Tina wanted to bring back Carol Burnett, that would be fine with me,” Damon explains about his character becoming a series regular.

“Hopefully he will [be back],” adds Fey. “He lives here. He was like, ‘I live here and my wife wants me to stay home’, so hopefully he’ll be back.”

“When he’s between movies we’ll grab him, hopefully. We had a great time in the episode, so yeah, hopefully he’ll be back.” “At 30 Rock they made it really easy for me,” Damon continues. “The writing is so good on that show.” “I never say never [to 30 Rock becoming permanent], but I’m having a great time making movies. And it gives me a lot of freedom when I’m not working to spend time with the kids.”

In that case, make sure not to miss the film star making an out-of-character guest TV appearance when 30 Rock begins its fifth season on Monday, October 17 th at 8pm on FOUR.

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