For those of you who thought ratings would fall once Paul Henry left Breakfast, you were...

It has been 12 months since Paul Henry was shown the door by TVNZ after his comments about the then Governor General, Sir Anand Satyanand. This came after his earlier comments about Dehli’s Chief Minister Shelia Dikshit’s name.

TVNZ received 1500 complaints, their technology reporter quit, they had protests outside their building and a vocal response online by both those who loved and hated the morning broadcaster.  TVNZ initially suspended Henry on the 5th of October but with the momentum building, he announced his resignation from state television on the 10th.

Many people were glad to see the back of Paul Henry.  However, many people vowed they would never watch Breakfast again.  The camps were split.  And when Mediaworks announced Henry was coming to work for them, there were plenty of people who were excited about his return.  When he was interviewed on 60 Minutes TV3 experienced a rare moment beating TV One’s current affairs show Sunday in the ratings.

After 12 months of collecting the data, we’re now able to show you how Breakfast has fared without the polarising enigma that is Paul Henry.

The ratings for the year to date, compared to last year, are down approximately 14%.  

The spike at the start of 2011 is due to the Christchurch earthquake. This plot shows a 10 point moving average.

Source: Nielsen Television Audience Measurement, All 5+, 7am-8am, Feb – Oct


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  • reece_555

    Breakfast doesnt have as many one day spikes over 200,000 that it used to randomly have, but its still held up well enough.

  • bernierox28

    Not suprising really, Petra and Corin just don’t have the charisma Paul and Pippa did. Give me Toni and Rawdon any day. TVNZ saved themselves with Saturday Breakfast. 


  • theidolwhorocks

    It was always gonna be this way. No surprises at all.

  • aaronimpact

    Does Alison still work on breakfast? I haven’t watched it since Paul Henry left.

  • reece_555

    No, Rawdon does her news shift now on Thursdays & Fridays, and Toni is the main female host replacement.