Hit or Miss: Coronation Street at 5:30pm

We’ve had a week of Coronation Street at 5:30pm and Masterchef Australia at 7:30pm on TV One. Well, sort of. Masterchef aired at both 5:30pm and 7:30pm on Monday and then there was no MasterChef on Friday due to the RWC build up.  

Taking a look at the last two weeks of ratings, how has it fared? First up the 5:30pm time slot.

Monday: RWC replay 180492 (10th) vs Masterchef Australia 286,940 (17th)
Tuesday: Masterchef Australia 279,710 (11th) vs Coronation Street 340,800 (18th) 
Wednesday: Masterchef Australia 303,870 (12th) vs Coronation Street 323,830 (19th)
Thursday: Masterchef Australia 232,260 (13th) vs Coronation Street 256,900 (20th)
Friday: Masterchef Australia 281,520 (14th) vs Coronation Street 312,550 (21st)

So looking at the figures, the 5:30pm timeslot appears to be doing better with the change by about 19%.

Now to the 7:30pm timeslot.

Monday: Border Security + The Force 681,290 (10th) vs Masterchef Australia 440,300 (17th)
Tuesday: Coronation Street 423,420 (11th) vs Masterchef Australia 358,000 (18th)
Wednesday: SPCA Rescue 546,330 (12th) vs Masterchef Australia 384,930 (19th) 
Thursday: Coronation Street 527,250 (13th) vs Masterchef Australia 273,600 (20th)
(Friday had RWC build up programs on both weeks so don’t count)

The 7:30pm timeslot has lost a third of it’s audience on the same time the previous week.  Bear in mind that this is only a weeks worth of data.  However, the numbers aren’t too flash.

If we do some comparisons between the two shows themselves, Coronation Street lost 35% of its average audience in its first week of the change while Masterchef Australia increased its average audience by 33%.

Unfortunately for TV One, the increase in numbers for Masterchef Australia won’t be what they were hoping for.  

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  • elaliotv

    Im hoping this means that coro returns to primetime!! but their are rumours that the recent purchase of dancing with the stars usa for tv one will mean that coro will remain in the 5.30pm timeslot for a lot longer while tv one continues its primetime experiment.

  • Robbo

    Note to Winston Peters. Make returning Coronation Street to prime time one of your key election policies, and you’ll get a whole load of new oldies voting for you. Only Corro can get you over 5%!

  • reece_555

    Rumor correct a promo just ran for Dancing With The Stars US. No time yet just coming soon..

  • Harrison

    I think the time slot change would have been more effective if they changed it at the start of the series of Masterchef Australia. For that type of TV show, I don’t see why TVNZ would expect an increase in viewers when the series is nearly over just because of a time slot change, as most people wouldn’t start watching a competition series in the last few weeks.

  • regan

    Why are they going to run Dancing with the Stars US?!  SURELY, DWTS Australia or Strictly Come Dancing from the UK would be better suited to us.  How many NFL stars are kiwi’s going to know?

  • reece_555

    You could argue the US version has more international appeal. The stars on DWTS Australia are probably questionable within their own country let alone over here. And again UK celebrity shows often feature “celebrities” that only are only known in that country (based on those shows played here).

    Check wikipedia for contestants.

  • Martin

    I am really irritated by this move of Masterchef to the evening. No Masterchef on Friday because of the rugby – which would not have happened if it had been at 5pm as before. Now tonight there is no Masterchef AGAIN because of a stupid programme about TV ads. Plus it now clashes with other shows that I want to watch: Tuesdays with Donna Hay and then Peta Mathias on Prime; Wednesdays clash with Top Chef on Four; what rocket scientist at TVNZ thought this would be a good idea, to put masterchef directly alongside other culinary shows? Thurs and Fri clash with X factor. Not everyone has mysky or myFreeview with the ability to watch/record more than one channel at once.

    Since yesterday’s masterchef was the (pointless, at this stage) Masterclass show, we have only had one proper episode since Thursday last week. The offered rationale (that masterchef was to be moved into “primetime” to attract more viewers) is simply nonsense, since all it has done is to make it more difficult for its regular viewers to watch it, and to cause it to be shunted off in favour of other things. Just watch – it will be delayed again for election debates, news specials, etc etc.

  • n0exit

    Actually, a careful analysis of the DPA provided by NielsenTAM shows that in the 7:30 timeslot Masterchef is doing MUCH better than Coro was in the same slot in the 18-49 demographic. While in the 5:30 slot the ratings have stayed pretty much the same after the switch. Granted, its only been two weeks, but the 18-49 is where the money is, espcially if you’re trying to get bigger companies to advertise (like Countdown). TVNZ isn’t THAT thick guys. They know what they’re doing and I’d bet that Masterchef’s ratings are only going to improve.

  • Benjamin Paul

    @ n0exit: I totally agree. While the show is enjoyed by many it would be like putting Q&A on at primetime. Unless there is a charter and less pressure to make revenue don’t expect it to happen, TVNZ is now after advertising money.

    The majority of this nation wanted National in, what do should we expect?

  • Robbo

    There’s no doubt it’s a commercial decision – but I’m not sure the folks at TVNZ are commercial masterminds whose every business decision is a stroke of genius. If the only criteria is the 18-49 demographic and viewers outside this bracket are irrelevant, maybe it will prove profitable. But if the hunger for reality TV wanes and TV1 only succeeds in alientating a large chunk of its core audience, maybe it will prove to be short-sighted. 

  • Benjamin Paul

    The thing that annoys me about TVNZ is not showing shows that most people should have access to. Shows like Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey, Top Gear, Chris Lilly’s Angry Boys etc. should dominate the line-up, shows that people want to see. Currently Sky/Prime has access to those shows, while we have Sky at home – they really should be shown on mainstream channels.

    SoHo looks promising, but honestly those shows should be brought to us without question on TVOne/2.

    It’s odd that in the prime-time lineup we have MasterChef from Australia, that horrible looking Harry’s Law, rehashed Air Crash shows and the waning force fed Fair Go. IMO TVOne is watched less and less in our house (other than news) and MySky is used to record the good stuff that Sky is showing more and more.

  • kkkkkkkkk

  • Boobe

    Actually, the target demo of TV ONE is 25 -54 not 18 – 49.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out you don’t move a programme with such a loyal following and history from 7.30pm to 5.30pm in the hope that its replacement does marginally better (which in fact Masterchef is not). If they move it back to primetime I think I may wet myself laughing. Countdown and the “bigger companies” aren’t foolish enough to risk their marketing spend now in a slot that has no plans. So funny. Please post more of your wisdom.