Morning Briefing

Marsden and Richards to guest on 30 Rock

James Marsden has signed on for a role in 30 Rock’s sixth season. Denise Richards has also landed a role on the comedy series.

Snoop Dogg to feature in new sitcom

A new family sitcom pilot featuring Snoop Dogg has been picked up by the NBC network. The comedy is written by a writer who has been involved in the likes of Everybody Hates Chris and Two and a Half Men.

Second cancellation of the season

The second new season series to be cancelled is comedy Free Agents which starred Hank Azaria. The cancellation followed NBC’s earlier axing of The Playboy Club this week.

Simpsons producers will take pay cut

Several producers of The Simpsons have indicated they will be happy to take a pay cut in order to keep the cartoon on the air. The series is in danger of being axed due to a contract dispute between the show’s voice actors and 20th Century Fox.

New comedy developed for Garcia

A new comedy series is being developed for JoAnna Garcia, who previously featured in the axed comedy Better With You. The series will supposedly revolve around Garcia’s character moving in with her husband’s family.

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