Nothing Trivial renewed for second season

TVNZ and NZ On Air are delighted to announce that TV ONE’s record breaking series, Nothing Trivial will return for a second season. 

The series started with a bang – it was the highest rating debut of a local drama for this millennium.

516,300 New Zealanders tuned in for the first episode and the show has since held a loyal following of fans. As well as this week being the most viewed programme on TVNZ OnDemand, Nothing Trivial has sustained its television ratings success.

The decision from NZ On Air to fund another season of the hit drama is welcomed by Jeff Latch, Head of TV ONE and TV2. “Nothing Trivial has great writers, a fantastic cast and it allows New Zealanders to see their stories on screen. This has been a winning combination with viewers returning week after week. New Zealanders can’t get enough of Nothing Trivial.”

NZ On Air Chief Executive, Jane Wrightson, says the funding agency is delighted to support a second series. “TV ONE has provided a great home for local drama this year with the first series of Nothing Trivial launching well and more recently the local Sunday Theatre season being received so positively. We look forward to the second season of Nothing Trivial continuing this strong performance next year” she says.

Head of Commissioning, Andrew Shaw, is also pleased with the decision. “The talented team at South Pacific Pictures has successfully brought endearing home-grown characters to life. TVNZ is proud to be associated with Nothing Trivial.”

Source: Nielsen TAM (Measurement: All people 5 years and over – average daily audience nationwide)

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  • Robbo

    Congrats on that first, heavily advertised episode. But weren’t there more episodes that followed? How many people actually stuck with it? Did the show lose 10% of its audience? Maybe as much as a third? Nice spin, guys.

  • Benjamin Paul

    Would this website give TVNZ a break? No wonder they don’t invite the webmasters to their program launch…

  • regan

    @Benjamin, you’ve been around here long enough to know better than to make comments like that. We give TVNZ plenty of praise when it is due and have no problem acknowleging the fact when they do something right.

  • aaronimpact

    I thought the show was boring except for Nicola Whippys awesome cleavage.

  • i don’t want to enter a name

    I find it confusing, I just can’t get all those shortland street characters out of my head, it’s like a trivia game just watching it!

  • Benjamin Paul

    @Regan, I’m not really pointing the finger at you, more so the comment from Robbo and ones like it, it’s an NZ show, surely it should be good if it has done well, and why have another dig at TVNZ about spin etc.

  • regan

    @benjamin, TVNZ don’t make their decisions about Throng based on those who leave comments here.  Especially onsidering how many are from within TVNZ…