NZ On Air supports rich new 2012 programming slate

Broadcast funding allocations announced today by NZ On Air will ensure that the needs of a wide range of different television audiences will be met next year.

Over $8 million dollars has been invested in 147 hours of special interest and arts/culture programmes to screen across five free to air channels.

“The breadth of programming on offer is huge,” said NZ On Air chief executive Jane Wrightson. “We look for something for everyone. Along with our returning series, we’re especially pleased to be able to support three brand new series that will introduce many different types of New Zealanders to our screens,” she said.

Neighbourhood will focus on an interesting community in New Zealand where, each week, one resident will introduce the audience to their patch and its variety of neighbours. “This was the winning project from a contestable process run by NZ On Air to find a fresh new series looking at community diversity,” said Ms Wrightson. “We’re hoping it will become a firm favourite”, she said.

Another new series Both Worlds will explore the experience of young immigrants and the children of immigrants. Each episode will focus on a single young New Zealander whose identity straddles two worlds.

The varied cultural pursuits of New Zealanders are not forgotten. Along with Polyfest and coverage of next month’s NZ Music Awards, amateur theatre will also take a starring role in an original new series. “Showtime will go behind the scenes of two different community theatre productions, one small town, the other bigger, showing us the blood, sweat and tears involved in creating wonderful theatrical experiences,” said Ms Wrightson.

Returning to the screen next year are the highly successful series Attitude and The Nutters’ Club, for people interested in disability issues, Tagata Pasifika and Fresh for Pacific audiences, Rural Delivery for the farming community, and the venerable Praise Be.

“We welcome the return of specialist series that have found a real resonance with the communities they serve,” said Ms Wrightson.

Jane Wrightson said that these types of programmes could not get made without public funding, yet added a genuine richness of content to the television schedules. Most will also be available online.


Funding Details



35 x ½ hour

Satellite Media                         

Broadcaster: TV One



Attitude 2012                  

40 x ½ hour

Attitude Pictures                         

Broadcaster: TV One



Both Worlds                     

10 x ½ hour

Notable Pictures                  

Broadcaster: TV3



Fresh 2012                       

16 x 1 hour


Broadcaster: TV2



Young Farmer Contest 2012                 

1 x 1 hour

Dexterity Productions        

Broadcaster: TV One



The Nutters’ Club 3   

20 x ½ hour

Top Shelf Productions  

Broadcaster: Māori TV



Praise Be 2012       

40 x ½ hour


Broadcaster: TV One



Rural Delivery 2012   

40 x ½ hour

Showdown Productions 

Broadcaster: TV One



Tagata Pasifika 2012      

50 x ½ hour and 1 x 1 hour


Broadcaster: TV One



Anzac Day 2012:

National Commemorative Service                

1 x 1½ hours


Broadcaster: TV One



Dawn Service 2012: In Remembrance

1 x 2½ hours and 1 x ½ hour highlights

Black Inc Media 

Broadcaster: Māori TV



Polyfest 2012

6 x ½ hour


Broadcaster: TV2




6 x ½ hour

Greenstone TV 

Broadcaster: TV One



NZ Music Awards 2011

1 x 2 hours


Broadcaster: FOUR


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