Sharpe on Prime

9:30pm Wednesday, October 19 on Prime


After saving the life of Sir Arthur Wellesley, Sergeant Richard Sharpe is rewarded with the field commission of Lieutenant. His first mission is to go behind enemy lines to Casa Antiga to locate a missing agent, James Rothschild, who carries a banker’s draft for badly needed funds for the British army. Sharpe is given command of the 95th Rifles under Captain Murray, but soon finds that they are an undisciplined bunch, and neither Murray nor the men of the Rifles are prepared to accept Sharpe’s command, as ‘proper’ officers are not raised from the ranks.

After Captain Murray is killed in a surprise French attack, Sharpe is left in sole command. Two Spanish allies, Major Blas Vivar and Comandante Teresa, offer to lead Sharpe to Casa Antiga and he reluctantly agrees. At Casa Antiga, there is no sign of Rothschild and Sharpe becomes increasingly suspicious of his Spanish companions… only to discover that the real mission is to transport a holy relic of Spain to Torrecastro to inspire an uprising against the French.

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