Top stories on ONE News and 3 News: October 21, 2011

Here is a run down of the 5 most important stories on One News and 3 News tonight.  Please leave your comments on the bulletins in the comments below.

ONE News

1. Gadaffi dead (Garth Bray)
2. Libyan revolution (Vivienne Walt – Time Magazine, live cross)
3. International response to Gadaffi death (Tim Wilson, live cross)
4. Whereabouts of Gadaffi’s sons unknown
5. The journey so far and the future of Libya (Jeremy Bowen- BBC)

3 News

1. Gadaffi dead (James Mates – ITV)
2. International response to Gadaffi death
3. Hilary Clinton’s response caught on camera
4. Looking back at Gadaffi’s life (Jonathan Miller – Channel 4)
5. Lockerbie victim’s relatives celebrate Gadaffi’s death


We’ve gone from total domination by the Rena oil spill to the death of Libyan leader Gadaffi.  The approaches to the story were different in that One News lead with their own report followed by live crosses to Tripoli and New York whereas 3 News relied solely on stories from their global partners.  Hilary Clinton’s text message was a separate story on 3 while it was part of the third story on One.  

Mike McRoberts had an unfortunate bit of difficulty with the teleprompter for story #4. 

Channel 4’s Jonathan Miller looks back on a man who often seemed to be the political equivalent of.. of being on a permanent acid trip.



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