Mediaworks TV have launched their 2012 new season for TV3 and Four with an interesting line up of new and old shows.

The event kicked off at the SkyCity Theatre in Auckland this morning with a mock X Factor style audition for the MC job. Video showed the network’s stars getting txt messages while they were recording their own shows and then bailing in the middle to rush to the audition.  The funnier of them all was Rachel Smalley leaving the Prime Minister during the middle of an interview.

Paul Henry was one of the judges who was ruthless in saying no to everyone, including Mike McRoberts, Ben Boyce and the 7 Days crew.  In the end, having been appalled at the talent, Henry decided that if you wanted a job done properly, then you did it yourself.

Henry took to the stage to introduce the event and the various presenters but not before he told a number of expletive ridden stories, mainly directed at his former employer TVNZ.

Everyone had been given fortune cookies as we arrived.  Paul opened his and read, “If you sit by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”

Many of TV3’s best performers are back in 2012 as well as new international dramas and some promising looking local shows.

On the local front, TV3’s programmer Kelly Martin has confirmed that The X Factor New Zealand is definitely in the works. The X Factor Australia, which is currently on across the Tasman, will screen during the summer.  

Also receiving some localization is the hit Australian show The Block.

New local comedies include a new panel show hosted by Jesse Mulligan called Would I Lie To You? based on the UK series.  Funny Roots will take comedians back to their roots to see if their routines work on them.  Also on the cards is a new comedy series from South Pacific Pictures called Golden, about an overweight rower who was a gold medal winning Olympian and has decided they want to get back in shape.

Possibly the most anticipated show will be at 7pm on Sunday night. The Paul Henry Show.  The format is still in development but no doubt it will be a hit.

The new dramas to look out for on TV3 are Homeland, a new cable show from the makers of 24, Awake, Grimm, Terra Nova, The Finder and American Horror Story from the makers of Nip/Tuck and Glee.

TV3 are planning on taking TV2 head on on Wednesday with new comedies Up All Night starring Christina Applegate and Last Man Standing which features the return of Tim Allen in a new fatherhood role, this time of daughters.

Two other shows to watch out for are Deadliest Roads and local show Road Madness which is real footage taken from the cabs of trucks on New Zealand roads.  You can only guess what that trailer looks like!

New Shows:
American Horror Story
Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms
Deadliest Roads
Funny Roots
Last Man Standing
Paul Henry Show
Road Madness
Terra Nova
The Block
The Finder
Up All Night
Would I Lie To You?

7 Days
Grand Designs Australia
Grand Designs UK
Home and Away
ITM Fishing Show
Missing Pieces
Modern Family
NCIS: Los Angeles
New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker
Nurse Jackie
Project Runway
Road Cops
Sons of Anarchy
The Almighty Johnsons
The Big C
The Comedy Gala
The Good Wife
The Graham Norton Show
The Secret Lives of Dancers
The X Factor
What’s Really In Our Food?
60 Minutes
3 News: Firstline 
3 News at 12
3 News
Campbell Live
Sports Tonight 

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  • Amanda9

    No more NZNTM?

  • Bernadine

    wooooo!!! Terra Nova is awesome!

  • regan

    Yes. Nzntm is returning

  • Stu


    CSI: Miami

    Coming back in 2012?

  • bernierox28

    YUS House is still on!!

  • Ant

    You wouldn’t know how many shows would be coming back since there’s the fact they don’t include a complete list of shows. TVNZ’s new launch line up is going to be much better not that TV3 aren’t going to have any good shows. Terra Nova, The Finder and that sound pretty good.

  • Elias

    This is such a great, creepy show, and I love it.  Can’t wait to see what happens now that
    Hayden is back…and is Adelaide
    really gone?  Seems like she has to die
    ON the property, so I guess we’ll see. I’m glad I’m a DISH customer/employee
    though…and don’t need to worry about this thing with DirecTV and FOX, knowing I
    might lose FX and not get to see next week’s Part 2 of the Halloween episode. Or
    see Mena Suvari as the Black Dahlia, or see the rest of Zachary Quinto’s run.

  • n0exit

    Some interesting new shows they’ve picked up. Everyone is predicting a Grimm cancellation, and this is even before it prems. It went up against Game 7 of the World Series tonight so its guranteed terrible ratings. Its also had terrible reviews. And NBC thinks its so great that its put it up on Friday nights. The word on Terra Nova is that while it’s a good show it’s insanely expensive to produce and that it’s ratings have been dissapointing (although its not quite on track to being canceled yet). The jury on Last Man Standing is still out, while ratings have been pretty good critical review says its lame. From what I’ve seen its okay, but not a guranteed ratings getter for TV3. It will be interesting to see where they put it. If they line it up agaisnt freinds then it will surely fail but I can’t think of where else they could slot it. Its just not edgy enough for 8pm onwards IMO. Homeland is looking strong, but the trailer suggests that there is only so much story to tell. Its already been renewed for season 2 though, it looks to be the best pickup by 3 and again I would love to know where they plan on putting it. Oh and House is doing surprisingly well, it might even get renewed! 😀

  • I Love American Horror Story!! Such a good show! When is it coming to NZ?