TVNZ 2012 Season Launch is on the way

This just arrived this morning from TVNZ

Looks like Pan Am is going to be the anchor to the 2012 new season launch

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  • reece_555

    Probably not a wise move with its ratings slide to around 6 million after only 3 episodes.

  • tvtv

    I wonder if putting 2 Broke Girls might have been better, since it is a WB-distributed show. Shame about Pan Am though. At least it is less damaging than putting Persons of Interest there. 

  • regan

    @tvtv I doubt they’d come anywhere close to banking on a half hour sitcom as their big show of the season.

    They did bank heavily on No Ordinary Family last year and we all know how that turned out for them…

  • tvtv

    I was initally thinking about Revenge (ABC Studios/Disney), but I don’t think it will be banked as much as Pan Am (in the US though, ABC promoted Revenge heavily before the season began). Plus, if Pan Am does go to TV2, it will most likely get the Housewives lead in. 

  • regan

    Revenge is good but it is a younger demo I think.

  • TVNZ Admin (Unverified)


    Sunday – 7:00 Two and a Half Men (R), 7:30 New Girl, 8:00 Suburgatory, 8:30 Sunday Premiere Movie

    Monday – 7:00 Shortland Street, 7:30 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, 8:30 Desperate Housewives, 9:30 Pan Am

    Tuesday – 7:00 Shortland Street, 7:30 The Amazing Race/The Apprentice, 8:30 Terra Nova, 9:30 Revenge

    Wednesday – 7:00 Shortland Street, 7:30 Two and a Half Men, 8:00 2 Broke Girls, 8:30 The Big Bang Theory, 9:00 Cougar Town, 9:30 The Secret Circle/Hart of Dixie

    Thursday – 7:00 Shortland Street, 7:30 Police Ten-7, 8:00 Motorway Patrol, 8:30 Person of Interest/Unforgettable, 9:30 20/20

    Friday – 7:00 Shortland Street, 7:30 The Big Bang Theory (R) 8:00 Whitney, 8:30 American Idol

    Saturday – 7:00 America’s Funniest Home Videos, 7:30 American Idol, 8:30 Saturday Movie

  • Preston

    amazing that TVNZ would announce their schedule in the comments section of this website almost a month before the official event…

  • reece_555

    Espically when some of the listed shows are from production companies TVNZ doesnt have output deals with.

  • Fauxlivia

    ‘TVNZ Admin’ clearly doesn’t realise that TV2 doesn’t actually own TerraNova, TV3 does.  Nice try though.

  • wohucanglong

    Are we to believe from the poster that Nothing Trivial will be moving to 2 for series 2?

  • Preston

    The poster’s for TVNZ, not TV2 specifically

  • TVNZ Admin (unverified)

    I’ve only been given the information for TV2 unfortunately, sorry to disappoint.