30 Rock on FOUR

8:00pm – Monday, November 7 on FOUR

Things don’t go very well for Jack (Alec Baldwin) when he makes it down to Washington D.C. to lobby Congress and meets a congresswoman (guest star Queen Latifah) committed to diversity in 30 Rock, screening on Monday, November 7 th at 8pm on FOUR. “Queen Latifah is playing a congresswoman who has a bullseye on the NBC/Kabletown deal,” series writer Robert Carlock explains. “She and Alec’s character butt heads a little bit.”

“I play Regina Bookman – she’s a congress woman who’s hell-bent on making sure that NBC is diversified in terms of its programming, it’s hiring practices… you name it,” adds Latifah.

“Jack and Regena go toe-to-toe,” Latifah continues. “Because she’s powerful, she kind of has him in a tough position, because she could literally stop him from making a major deal and that’s not what Jack wants.” “He’s all about his business and she kind of pushes him to some interesting points and he goes off on a tangent.”

When asked about being a fan of the series, Latifah says: “I was definitely a fan of 30 Rock before I came on, this show is insane and I’m actually sitting inside the room where the writers write… so I’m kind of tripping out that I’m in here.”

Make sure not to miss this fan-become-guest-star when Queen Latifah joins 30 Rock on Monday, November 7 th at 8pm on FOUR.

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