Coronation Street returning to primetime on TV One

Now that the finals of MasterChef Australia are over, TVNZ advises that Coronation Street’s future placement in the TV One schedule has been decided.

The programme will run at 7.30pm on consecutive Thursdays and Fridays, starting next week.

The prime time placement on Thursdays and Fridays has been selected to allow flexibility of scheduling for the early part of the week, and foreshadows the introduction of predominantly NZ content on Tuesday nights when New Season material is launched in the New Year.

In the meantime Ellen will return to the 5pm slot, and the best of Intrepid Journeys will take the 7.30 Tuesday slot formerly occupied by Coronation Street.

Head of TV ONE and TV2, Jeff Latch says, “we always said we would retain an open mind about the best place for Coronation Street, and TVNZ is very happy to give fans some certainty about the show’s placement in the schedule.”

However Mr Latch warned that Coronation Street will be further interrupted in three week’s time when TVNZ must fulfil its obligations to broadcast the closing addresses for the general election and the final leaders’ debate.

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About the author

  • Robbo

    But I thought TVNZ knew what it was doing and this was a smart move that hauled in the revenue and target demographic? Always pays to question, people. Especially when it comes to civil servants. 

  • David Finch

    If only the programmers at TVNZ really were “civil servants”.  The current Government has made sure that TVNZ has nothing to do with the concept of public service.

  • ell

    Oh good. A stay of execution for Coro. Must be five years or so until it gets pulled again. The numbers aren’t going to get any higher.

  • elaliotv

    YAAAAY!!!! well its a victory of sorts!!!! but at least coronation street is back in primetime. The next issue is to try and catch up with the uk and start a major ad campaign to entice new viewers to watch it….. THANKS TO ALL THE CORO FANS WHO BOYCOTTED TVNZ AND VOICED THEIR ANGER!!!!