Druglords on One

9:30pm Tuesday, November 15 on TV One

Druglords is a true-crime series that goes inside the secret world of the NSW Police drug squad as they bring down Australia’s biggest drugslords.

With unprecedented access to confidential police files the series breaks every preconceived idea the public might have about druglords – they don’t all live in the underworld, they live in our world. Druglords can come from good families; some are house-hold names, national heroes; others are nameless villains peddling death and drugs to the most vulnerable. But no matter who they are the police are always watching, waiting to strike.

For the first time ever, the series shows actual police footage filmed by the detectives who ran the investigations – some of the cases ran for months; others were years in the making, and just how the officers trap their targets is amazing. Be a fly-on-the-wall as police undertake covert surveillance and rig-up hidden cameras inside ordinary suburban homes and hotel rooms. How they use informants to trap the biggest kingpins of all will leave you breathless.

Druglords takes viewers inside a world where dirty cash and drugs change hands every day and drug barons live like millionaires.

Tonight, police put convicted killer and bikie gang member Shane Oien under surveillance and discover he’s dealing ice from his luxury waterfront apartment in Sydney. And detectives infiltrate Australia’s most sophisticated cocaine importation syndicate using an informant who agrees to wear a secret listening device.

Missed an episode of Druglords? Full episodes are available online. Go to www.tvnz.co.nz and click ‘on demand’.

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