I'm In The Band on TV2

4:00pm Saturday, November 5 on TV2

When 15-year-old Tripp Campbell (Logan Miller (Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past) wins a radio contest to have dinner with his favourite band Iron Weasel, his dream comes true in TV2’s brand new comedy I’m In The Band.

He manages to impress them with his musical skills and miraculously lands the lead guitar role. Iron Weasel is made up of three middle-aged stooges – cocky lead singer, Derek Jupiter (Steve Valentine, Crossing Jordan), ever cheerful and rambunctious bassist, Burger Pitt (Greg Baker, Sports Night, Hannah Montana) and the lovable but simple-minded drummer, Ash (Stephen Full, Hannah Montana).

The band mates initially scoff at the idea of having a kid in the band, for fear of losing their cool, edgy appeal. But, tired of living in their cramped van, they succumb when Tripp offers the guest room at his mother’s house.

Luckily, Tripp convinces his divorced Mum, (Beth Littleford) that the band members will be great role models for him. In their own wacky way, the band will try to mentor Tripp through his high school years with the goal of turning him into a bona fide rock star in the process.

Unfortunately, the members of Iron Weasel always seem to find themselves in uncomfortable situations – from their nationwide concert tour which ends up being a three-venue gig to protestors boycotting their music because of a silly viral video that was intended to make them popular again.

Regardless of their mishaps, Tripp and his band mates always find a way to come together to resolve their issues and do what they love best – play rock n’ roll.

This week, Tripp is stuck in the middle when his Iron Weasel band-mates throw him a birthday bash fit for a rock and roll star on the same day that his mum has invited all of his friends over for a puppet show birthday party.

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