I'm In The Band on TV2

4:00pm Saturday, November 12 on TV2

Tripp (Logan Miller, Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past) takes his annoying classmate, Arlene Roca, on a date after he discovers her dad is a famous record producer.

He asks her to give an Iron Weasel demo CD to her dad, but realises it has the song “Annoying Arlene” on it. Tripp, Derek (Steve Valentine, Crossing Jordan, Burger (Greg Baker, Sports Night) and Ash (Stephen Full, Hannah Montana) must find a way to swap it out before Mr Roca listens to it and their chance of a recording deal slips away.

I’m In The Band is TV2’s new comedy, which sees 15-year-old Tripp Campbell win a radio contest to have dinner with his favourite band Iron Weasel.

He manages to impress them with his musical skills and miraculously lands the lead guitar role.

The band mates initially scoff at the idea of having a kid in the band, for fear of losing their cool, edgy appeal. But, tired of living in their cramped van, they succumb when Tripp offers the guest room at his mother’s house.

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