Make your vote count on Auckland Daze this weekend

Get involved and make your vote count as you have your say on the Auckland Daze finale. 

Auckland Daze is giving viewers the opportunity to cast their vote and have a say on all the important issues. Should Millen pick Natalie or Jacqui when it comes time to choose his love? What will become of Jimmy and his quest for a big break on the acting circuit? Should Fasi choose Kerry over comedy and finally, will Glenjamin go after his dream Wanda woman?

Next week is the finale of Auckland Daze, an episode to end things for the season and viewers are put to the poll as they’re asked just how this should be done. From today, Friday 25th November to midday Tuesday 29th, viewers will have the opportunity to vote on how the series should end for each of our wannabes.

Starring Millen Baird (The Millen Baird Show), Jennifer Ward-Lealand (Xena: Warrior Princess), Natalie Medlock (Shortland Street), Glen Levy, the stuntman described by National Geographic as “the 20th deadliest man on the planet”, Jimmy James Fletcher (Jono’s New Show), Fasitua Amosa (Go Girls), Jacqui Nauman (Go Girls) and Kerry Warkia.

Check out the Auckland Daze Facebook page for extra content, to interact with the crew and post your vote for the series finale.

Auckland Daze was produced with funding from NZ On Air and will be available to view at TVNZ Ondemand. ‘Like’ Auckland Daze on Facebook to watch episodes and extra content.

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